Saint Francis University

Percussion Intervention Training with Jim Donovan

Percussion Intervention Training with Jim Donovan is a one-day, research-based training session designed to empower individuals to use simple, yet highly effective percussion interventions to improve quality of life for children with disabilities.


There are currently no scheduled sessions.


DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness on the Campus of Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA


The cost for this six-hour intensive program is $150 per person, printed materials included. Lunch and refreshments are available for purchase on campus.

What is a Percussion Intervention?

A percussion (or rhythm) intervention is a technique that uses easy to learn percussion approaches, instruments, and methods as a way to elicit a desired behavioral response, such as maintaining attention-to-task, improving socialization skills, or increasing the ability to communicate. Examples of percussion interventions include (but are not limited to):

  • Teaching a child to spell his or her name by associating it with a specific rhythm
  • Providing a child with a "shaker" or other percussion instrument that allows the child to maintain attention or focus in noisy or distracting environments
  • Providing a child with an acceptable mechanism to release energy such as striking a drum

This session will reveal ways to help and empower children with disabilities by engaging them with rhythm and sound. During the training, participants will learn the skills, concepts and philosophical foundations to assist in performing meaningful, effective and successful interventions with individuals with special-needs.

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